being vegetarian

Hey wonderful readers, today I’m going to share with you some of my thoughts as a vegetarian, why I am one, and basically some vegetarian tips.  Keep reading if you’re interested.

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little ways to be good to the earth

Late this morning, I was taking a cold shower, because our water heater isn’t working very well.  I had been thinking earlier about what I wanted to write, as I haven’t posted for a little while, thanks to a short camp and me being lazy and not scheduling anything.  The cold shower wasn’t that bad, and it made me think about something – how little it takes for us to be good to the earth. Continue reading


Hello there, you lovely person reading this, you.  I’ve been out for a little while, and I’m sorry.  I had some issues with my computer and wifi and I couldn’t write or post from my phone either.  Also, if you got an email for a post a little while ago containing a link that didn’t work (again), I’m sorry.  I reconsidered and deleted it.

Anyway, July.  In all, this month has been magnificent and alluring.  As I circled through the photos I took this month a few minutes ago, I noticed a theme – blue, green, and happy.   Continue reading