little ways to be good to the earth

Late this morning, I was taking a cold shower, because our water heater isn’t working very well.  I had been thinking earlier about what I wanted to write, as I haven’t posted for a little while, thanks to a short camp and me being lazy and not scheduling anything.  The cold shower wasn’t that bad, and it made me think about something – how little it takes for us to be good to the earth. Continue reading

photography and capturing memories

Hey there!  It’s been a minute.  I’m working on a post for the trip I took last week.  But in the meantime, here’s a lil discussion post.

I like photography.  You probably know that if you’ve been following this blog for a little while.  Man, my posts used to be all over the place (they still are).  Lately, I’ve posted some photographs on my travel/adventure posts, but not pure photography posts. Continue reading

stained school-knowledge – a note to self

Dear Self,

These next two weeks, they’ll be hard.

You’ll flip through your beaten binders and notebooks, regarding all the messy, mindless notes you’ve taken, attempting to memorize the mundane facts.  You’ll sniff your unwashed bun and try to cover the stench of chlorine with cheap perfume.  You’ll disregard your continuously overflowing trash and you’ll shrug at the heap of dirty sheets and blankets on your bed.  You’ll try to read that important handout and you’ll remember the past pains of this year.  You’ll see that scribbled song lyric on the back of your old homework, and you’ll remember what you’ve been through.  As you flip through your planner, you’ll remember how and when you started this blog-writing.

And then you’ll think – oh, yes, I have a blog.

In a few seconds, you’ll mentally turn back around and work on your science review again.  But, you will keep it in the back of your mind, you know?  This piece of art you have created, this odd little outlet you have, this teeny tiny corner of the internet that you own, this shout into the void of millions and millions others.

You will promise to yourself and to your readers, who might have read this note-to-self, that you will be back with a new schedule and a new theme and new, amazing adventures and thoughts when summer arrives.  You’ll be quite grateful for them, your new and old readers (who have recently hit over 100).

You’ll work hard, and you’ll get through.  I, your past self, know it.

That’s all, future self and anyone else reading this.  Just remember – adventure is out THERE.  Not in your tiny, musty school or your broken binders or the ripped and stained school-knowledge you wear like an old pair of jeans.  It’s out there.  Outside your window and inside yourself.

Faith xx

Change – a poem


A massive haircut.

A climb out of a rut.

A decision on quality.

A thought about you, not me.

A deep breath in the shallow water.

A rope, pulled tauter and tauter.

A serving of stress in a tall glass.

A smoothie blend of thoughts on my past.

A new song that I feel connected to.

A fresh pair of vans shoes.

A reborn season that’s coming soon.

A watercolor sky, a bright moon.

A lie to myself and a lie to you.

A brand new search for what’s really true.



I wrote this a little while ago and I thought I could share it with you as a quick little blog post.  Anyway, hope you enjoyed it, comment your thoughts down below.

— Faith (aka Adventuring Girl) xx

ps Adventure is out there!

Another – a poem

The truth is, it’s all the same thing over again.

New year and a “new you”

Pretending like I’m following through

The holidays were a piece of cake

And I had my well-needed break

So they made me jump right in and run the miles

And I forget how much I used to smile

We might be new people but our lives aren’t different

Because History never learned what the word CHANGE truly meant

It’s like a playlist on repeat, many songs played many times

Another song you’ve already heard another sometime

Another instance you’ve already lived another day

Another week, another month, another year folding out a similar way

A pattern, an overarching rhythm to our existence

It’s all been done before, in a certain sense

The truth is, it’s all the same thing over again.

Hey friends.  I wrote this poem around the beginning of February, while reflecting on the new year and change.

I don’t necessarily completely agree with what I wrote – I mean yeah we’re all idiots and the same sort of crap happens over and over again in human history.  But I think change is a very plausible and positive thing, and so is redemption and all that.  However, looking at the shape of our culture and our leadership lately, all I can think about is all the previous slip-ups and examples of bigotry in history.  And, in my actual life, each mundane week is very similar to the last.

But change.  CHANGE.  it’s what makes me feel alive, sometimes.  Change can be such a wonderful, splendid thing.

Change is an interesting topic to me.  Whenever spring rolls around, I feel a wild urge to change something about my life.  Last year, I chopped off all my hair into a short bob over spring break.  This year, I’m not sure what I’ll do – though I am thinking of going short again.

I’m going to try to publish more of my actual writing on this blog – that is, poems and eventually short stories.  If there’s any type of post you’d like to see, please let me know down in the comments.  I’m open to suggestions.

Let me know what you think of the poem.  Is it really all the same thing over again?

— Adventuring Girl (aka Faith) xx

Starbucks and Basicness – my thoughts

Hey guys and gals.  How was your weekend?  Today I’ve got another rant-like, “my thoughts” post, but also some photos.

Often, when I bring up Starbucks, people tell me I’m “basic” or such a “white girl.”  I get bothered by that, for sure.  Yes, I am white and I am a girl, thank you for noticing, but please don’t stereotype me.  Earlier this weekend, I went to Starbucks and had a great time, but I also saw that there were all sorts of people there.  African-Americans, Hispanics, white people, Asians.  People of all ages – laughing teenagers, working college students and serious older people.  Girls and guys.  So why is Starbucks a “white girl” thing?  Why does our society have to stereotype a coffee shop? Can I drink my coffee without being criticized and put into a box?

And also, I’m not basic.  I think the whole idea of “basic” is a little dumb.  Sure, there are a lot of mainstream people who do the same crap and think and talk the same way and buy the same brands and live the same way.  That’s not me.  But there’s no need to degrade people who are mainstream, or people who are more unique and alternative because of what they like to do and/or wear and/or drink and eat.  This sounds so cliche, but you do you!  As the fabulous Emma Watson has said:

“I’m going to do what I’m going to do.  I’m going to be who I really am.  I’m going to figure out what that is.”

So do it.  Like Starbucks.  Or don’t.  Be maintstream.  Or don’t.  Be unique.  Or not.  Like what you like.  It’s your life, and you only have one.  So go for it.

On a much lighter note, I’ve taken some picture of my Starbucks drinks before not because i’m basic, but because I like photography (no kidding, I take photographs of a lot of things.  Like smoothies and books.  It’s a little weird).  So here are some of my favorites:



The one just above this is Fudge Hot Chocolate from when I went to London.  Did you know they had that?  It was very interesting.  But it wasn’t very good, to be honest.  I like the first one because it’s simply aesthetically pleasing to me.  And the second one was when everyone went to Starbucks in London.  The third, I think, is just a good picture because of the cup and the snow in the background.

I like Starbucks a lot, but I like all sorts of other drinks, too.  I like making tea at home and I also like several coffee shops that aren’t chains.  Do you guys like Starbucks?  Why or why not?  What do you think about my rant?  Do you consider yourself to be “basic”?

— Adventuring Girl xx