IMG_20170827_192741Hey there.  I’m Sarah Faith, a teenage girl from the East Coast of the States.  I love the ocean, writing, travelling, and loud, old music.  In January 2017, I started this blog so that I could learn to express myself better and share my thoughts, adventures, and photography with you.  If you’d like to hop in for the ride, I’d love to have you as part of this journey.

A few little things about me: I’m a dreamer, a vegetarian, a Christian, a feminist, a swimmer, a lover of all sorts of ice cream.

I can’t promise to write consistently or even very well.  Sometimes I get all mixed up, plus, I change all the time.  But I’ll be here for a bit, sharing my experiences and advice and the beauty I see in the world.

In other publications: Rookie poetry by me here and here and here.  I write sometimes for the Wildflower Girls, here.

“You don’t write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say.”  – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Sarah Faith xx