Hi!  I’m simply a teenage girl who likes to adventure.  But I’m more than that at the same time.  I’m a bit of a feminist.  A traveler.  A writer and a reader.  An athlete.  An amateur photographer.  That’s just the basics.  There’s certainly more.  Stick around and you’ll be able to find it out for yourself 🙂

How often I post: I will post once on the weekend and once during the week, Eastern Standard Time.  I will probably post more than that, but that is the minimum.

What my blog is (generally) about: on here I will post a bunch of different things.  Thoughts and experiences, mostly.  Book talks and stuff like that.  Stories and poems.  A bit of photography.  I guess my niche is adventure and thoughts, as corny as that sounds.  So some posts might be a little bit random.

I want to say what I think, for real, for once, on this blog.  I want my blog to be my honest thoughts and experiences.  I hope you’ll join me in my adventures!

— Adventuring Girl xx