summer survival guide

Hello and happy summer!  I got off of school two weeks ago, but my summer feels like it’s just starting.  I’ll have several more summer posts following this one, so stay tuned…

–How to survive summer happily–

Read good books.

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This one is obvious.  Make a Goodreads account, watch some book recommendations videos, pull from your school summer reading list – it doesn’t matter.  Find some good stories and interesting things to read during your free time.  Read things for school or the Bible, if you want to be more productive.  I really suggest getting a library card, because then basically all the books you could ever want are free to read.  Also, I’ll be posting some of my personal summer reading recommendations soon.

Make art and photographs.


Art is anything you want it to be – so far, I’ve written a short story and I’ve made a collage and taken a bunch of photographs, but I would like to make more art.  Art can be anything from a story to a novel to a collage to a zine to a painting or a doodle book.  Just make something pretty that you can add to your list of achievements this summer.  Also, take tons of photos.  I love photography and I think taking photos is a really simple yet magnificent way to capture your life.  

Start something new.  

I know this is really vague.  But get into a new habit or hobby – like photography (as I said above), or guitar, or running, or journaling, etc.  Get a kayak or a bike or roller skates and be active with that thing.  Just start something – and stick to it.  You could start waking up early.  You could start watching a new show, or reading a brand new series.  You could dip your toes into a new subject you’re interested – like minimalism or activism.

For me, personally, I’ve started (semi) vegetarianism.  It’s only been a week, but I don’t eat meat anymore, though I have eaten a teeny bit of fish.  I’d also like to start making videos more.  And paddleboarding.  But I haven’t done either of those things yet, honestly.

Expand your blog.

I know most of the people reading will be bloggers, so this one’s especially for you: change your blog theme, like I have.  Or you can create a new feature on your blog – such as a weekend recap with photos every once in a while.  You could start new types of posts – you could start posting about music you enjoy, or books (like me).  Or you could simply follow a bunch of new blogs and connect with new people.

Find an awesome recipe to use over and over again.


I am not a cooking, baking type of person.  But I love making smoothies, smoothie bowls, and nicecream.  (If you’d like some of those recipes, let me know in the comments and I’ll write a post on that.)  All you need for a good smoothie is fruit and liquid and something cold – whichever liquid (ex – coconut milk), fruit (ex – strawberries), or frozen stuff (ex – frozen blueberries or ice cubes) you like.  If you love frappuccinos, fine a great recipe online that you can use during the summer.  You could just find a different cookie recipe to bake sometime.  Whatever it is, employ your new recipe often.

Go explore somewhere.


Lastly, take a trip.  It doesn’t have to be out of your state, or even your hometown.  Yeah, if you can go to the beach miles and miles away; that’s awesome.  But if you can’t, go on the internet and find wonderful things to do around where you live.  Adventure is out there.

That’s all I have for now!  I will be posting my list of things to do when you’re bored in summer sometime soon, but I hope you enjoyed this post.  Comment any thoughts or suggestions you have down below.

– Faith xx


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