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I was honestly a little worried when Sarah @ between the pages tagged me for this.  I thought it was about cats.  And even though I like cats, I’ve never had one.  I had no idea this was a book tag, but it is and I’m glad.


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Purr – as cats do when they’re happy or relaxed, what is the book that makes you happy or relaxed?

Don’t want to be basic, but I’m going to have to go with the Harry Potter series.  Whenever I read or watch the Harry Potter, I get this blissful, welcoming feeling – like everything’s alright and wonderful because Harry Potter.  Just because the series and the franchise is so enchanting and warm. Those books feel a bit like home.  I know it’s stupid, but that’s it.

Image result for harry potter gif

Sleep – what is a book that put you to sleep, or was just boring?

I know that a good amount of people like this series, but I’m just going to say it:  The Lunar Chronicles.  Particularly Cinder and the first part of Scarlet, as those were the only ones I read.  However, I think Marissa Meyer is a pretty good author – I read Heartless and liked certain factors of it.  Yet this series was simply uninteresting to me.  Maybe if I read it again or read the rest of the books, I’ll like it more.

Image result for lunar chronicles

Twitch While Dreaming – have you ever dreamt of a book you read?

Yes!  This is a good question.  I know I’ve dreamed about certain books before, but I don’t exactly remember the dreams… I’m almost positive I dreamed about Harry Potter – I was at Hogwarts and we were fighting evil and all that.  I’ve also dreamed of some variant of the Gallagher Girls series – I knew Cammie and Bex and all the main characters and I was looking for this person (sort of like Zach in the books).  I found him on a beach and I gave him a signal which was a small, toy turtle?  I’m not sure.  My dreams are weird.

Seems to Play Nice…until the claws are out – which book had the biggest plot twist?

Why is it that, as I’m writing this, I’m forgetting so many books that I’ve read?

I’m not sure I would call this the biggest plot twist, but it was really surprising and completely unexpected to me when I read it – the ending of The Murder on the Orient Express, a stunning mystery by Agatha Christie which is also coming to theaters this November (!).  It’ll be starring Daisy Ridley, who is simply amazing, along with a lot of other great actors and actresses.

Go watch the trailer.

Cuddles – which book character would you (want to) give a hug to?

I’m not going to pull the Harry Potter card again on this question, though I thought about it…  I actually have a couple different characters.

  1. Grace from the Embassy Row series.  This series is a little bit dramatic and verging on annoying, but I did like the adventure and some of the characters.  I think Ally Carter, the author, has done better work, but I did read and enjoy all three of these books.  Grace was a sad and lonely and yet headstrong character.  I didn’t relate to her too much, but I felt empathetic for her and her pain throughout the books.  I think she could use a hug.
  2. Wheeze (Sara Louise Bradshaw) from Jacob Have I Loved.  I have a sort of history with this book that I’ll talk about in a post to come, but I really liked Wheeze’s character and I feel like most teenagers – general people, even, can relate to her in some aspects.  I’m not sure how she would respond to a hug but I feel like she deserves one.
  3. Tobias Eaton from Divergent.  Enough said.

Catnip what’s a book that made you have warm and fuzzy feels?

I  haven’t read very many contemporary books, to be honest.  I’m straining my brain right now to think of a book that fits this “warm and fuzzy feels” thing, but I genuinely can’t.  So on to the next question.

Cat Breeds – what are your favorite books?

Here commences even further unashamed promotion of my blog – I wrote a post on my favorite novels; if you’d like to know more about those books, check this out.  I will say, though, that Code Name Verity and To Kill a Mockingbird are my favorite stand-alones.

The Vet’s Office – least favorite book:

Generally, if I don’t like a book, I simply put it down.  However, I’d have to say that I didn’t like The Selection series – not any more than a tiny smidge.  At the time that I read them, I moderately enjoyed them.  However, looking back, I really didn’t enjoy them.  I wouldn’t say that reading those four books (I didn’t read the last one) was something I regretted, because it made me understand what kind of literature I don’t like and the kind of writing that I don’t want to partake in.  I think they were way too fluffy and any substance was added on simply to make the books seem likeable, but it didn’t work.  The dialogue was unconvincing, as were several of the love stories.  The series in general was overly dramatic and the romance was quite cringey.

Image result for the selection series

Being in Places They Shouldn’t – least favorite cliche:

There are several fiction cliches that I don’t enjoy.  I wouldn’t say I have one that tops them all, but one of mine is that sort of “insta-love” thing, when two people who haven’t had any genuine connection and whose dialogue has been anything but romantic instantly fall in love with each other for almost no good reason.

One that’s even worse is the idea of “you’re not like other girls.”  Hailee Steinfeld wrote an entire song about that, called Most Girls, which I really like.  It doesn’t make sense to me – “other girls” are all different and interesting and valuable in their own ways.  Saying “you’re not like most girls” is belittling to girls in general because there’s no one mold for a girl that random girls and women don’t fit in.  Most girls are not the same.  Believe it or not, all girls have traits they share with other girls – like beauty and intelligence and strength – and all girls have a character singular to themselves.

The Good Old Cardboard Box – most underrated book series:

I’m going to have to revert to Ally Carter’s only other series: The Heist Society trilogy.  It’s about teenage art thieves and it’s more of a middle-grade read.  I truly enjoyed reading the three books.  They’re less fake and dramatic then Carter’s other works.  I definitely recommend them.  This is the first book:

Image result for heist society trilogy

It’s been a while since I’ve done a tag.  I had a period where I did not do any of the tags and awards that I was nominated for, yet that period is over.  So, I will be doing some tags and awards on this blog in the future.

I’m tagging –





and anyone else who would like to do this tag.

— Faith xx


9 thoughts on ““what cats do” – a book tag

  1. HEIST SOCIETY IS SOOOOOOO UNDERRATED! I lovr that series a lot and I wish more people would read it! TOBIAS DEFINITELY NEEDS A HUG, and I hope that if you ever read the rest of TLC, you’ll enjoy it! It’s one of my favorite series. 😍 Thanks for nominating me!

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re welcome! I love Heist Scoiety and Kat×Hale is 👌. Maybe I will finish tlc sometime this summer. Looking forward to seeing ur post. xx

      Liked by 1 person

    • Well I know a lot of people who like them, they just weren’t for me. I thought they were fun for a bit, but after a little while, I just got so tired of the fake romance. But you might like them – there’s nothing wrong with that – so maybe you should try one or two of them!

      Liked by 1 person

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