May was an interesting month.  Blissful and warm, but stressful and busy.  I’m glad it’s over, and I’m glad that it’s finally summer.

This month, I’ve been writing a little bit here and there.  I’ve just finished a short story and I’ve experimented with my journaling – I tried writing in the third person, as if it was a narrative – so that I could step outside of my life for a second and look in.  It’s interesting.  You should try it.

I did not read as much during May, but in the last few days, I went to the library and the bookstore and gathered several works to devour.  My last post summarizes some of the things I read in April and May.  Also, I got around to making a Goodreads account.  I love reading during the summer – not only does it keep your mind sort of sharp and your days engaged, but it immerses you into a whole new world you can briefly explore.

It’s hard to remember all the specific films I watched this month, but my favorites were La La Land and Moana, both of which I re-watched during May.

My personal loves this month were: warm, toasted chocolate chip bagels, peaceful pages of a classic book, a silver anchor necklace, halsey’s brilliant new singles.



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