stained school-knowledge – a note to self

Dear Self,

These next two weeks, they’ll be hard.

You’ll flip through your beaten binders and notebooks, regarding all the messy, mindless notes you’ve taken, attempting to memorize the mundane facts.  You’ll sniff your unwashed bun and try to cover the stench of chlorine with cheap perfume.  You’ll disregard your continuously overflowing trash and you’ll shrug at the heap of dirty sheets and blankets on your bed.  You’ll try to read that important handout and you’ll remember the past pains of this year.  You’ll see that scribbled song lyric on the back of your old homework, and you’ll remember all the thoughts and feelings of this year.  As you flip through your planner, you’ll remember how and when you started this blog-writing.

And then you’ll think – oh, yes, I have a blog.

In a few seconds, you’ll mentally turn back around and work on your science review again.  But, you will keep it in the back of your mind, you know?  This piece of art you have created, this odd little outlet you have, this teeny tiny corner of the internet that you own, this shout into the void of millions and millions others.

You will promise to yourself and to your readers, who might have read this note-to-self, that you will be back with a new schedule and a new theme and new, amazing adventures and thoughts when summer arrives.  You’ll be quite grateful for them, your new and old readers.

You’ll work hard, and you’ll get through.  I, your past self, know it.

That’s all, future self and anyone else reading this.  Just remember – adventure is out THERE.  Not in your tiny, musty school or your broken binders or the ripped and stained school-knowledge you wear like an old pair of jeans.  It’s out there.  Outside your window and inside yourself.

Faith xx


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