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Hey there, friends.  Happy Friday!  Today I’ve got an awesome post coming at you!  My friend Cate from A Girl and Depression and I wanted to try out a collab, so together we organized this q+a / interview sort of post about school, as we’re both high schoolers. She asked me these questions, and I answered, while on her blog I asked her questions and she wrote some answers to them.

I hope you enjoy!

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What grade are you in?

I’m in ninth grade.  A freshie 🙂

Are you going to a public or private school?

Private Christian school.

Is there anything in particular unique about your school?

Well I guess that it’s quite small quite Christian and quite conservative. I’m not exactly sure because I’ve gone to this school for so long, but I know people who have visited and sports teams we’ve played say that there’s “something different about this school.”

Anything that you dislike about your school?

Uhh… well… haha… yes.   My school is, in my opinion, quite closed-minded.  I don’t really want to go into all the details, but they don’t share a lot of my opinions.  I feel that have to suppress my thoughts sometimes, and if I don’t, people don’t agree or don’t really like me for my opinions.

What is the best part about your school?

Each year, we get out strangely early and we get in the next year after Labor Day.  That’s the first thing that came to mind, but I’m sure there are better things about my school 🙂  Also, I have a good group of friends who stick together, since the school is smaller, and I like hanging out with them on a daily basis.  They can make me laugh and smile a lot, even if I feel like I can’t really open up to them or really talk to them, I can for sure have a good time with them.

What classes are you taking right now?

I’m taking a lot of classes – I guess your basic English, History, Science (it’s chemisty/physics this year), Geometry.  I’m also taking Latin and Theology because that’s the way my school is.  My elective is Journalism.

What is your favorite subject and why?

I’ve always loved English.  I love reading and writing, and my Lit class is first period, so it’s a good way to start off my day.  I also like lunch because… eating.

What is your hardest or least favorite subject?

My hardest and least favorite subject is definitely Science.  I’m not fantastic at Geometry, either, but I can understand and do pretty well in math in general if I really focus.   But Science is confusing and it’s quite hard for me to genuinely understand, though I do pretty well in the class.  Also my teacher drives me nuts because he makes no sense and spells things wrong all the time.

Do you play any sports for your school?

Yes,  I swim on the high school swim team.

Are you involved in any school activities?

Not really.  I would have done the musical this year, but I was too busy.

Do you have any great friends at school?  If so, describe them and the best things about them. 

I kind of talked about that above, but I do.  I hang out with a group of five other girls.  Some of the girls are in and out of the group, and some of the girls don’t know me very well, but I like to hang out with them.  They’re all quite funny and talented – two of them are into singing/theater and another one is a swimmer like me… They’re good girls.  The best thing about our group is that we laugh a lot and there isn’t (a whole lot of) judgement (though there is some for sure).

Do you have a group of regular friends or a clique that you like to hang out with, either inside or outside of school?

Yes^^^.  I think I have better friends outside of my school, but the only actual, acknowledged group I’m in is in school

If you had to describe school for you in three words, which words would you choose?

Hmmm.  This is a great question, Cate.  I think I would say challenging but also boring and a bit annoying.

Although I use the words “boring” and “annoying,” I’m really, really grateful that I have an education and that my parents work so hard to provide it for me.  Some kids, all over the world, can’t afford a good education.  Some girls aren’t allowed to be educated, in some places.  I’m very blessed to be able to have a good education, and it does get on my nerves sometimes when people complain about how school is just so hard that they’re dying and blah blah blah life is so tough as a privileged American going to a private school…

Anyhow, thank you for reading.  Make sure to check out Cate’s blog and follow her if you are not already – she posts a lot more frequently than I do and has a bunch of great content you can check out 🙂

What did you think about the collab?  If you want, pick one of the questions, and answer it in the comments, even if you’re not in high school.

Adventure is out there

– Faith (Adventuring Girl) xx



2 thoughts on “a collab – school

  1. I loved reading your answers!! It was really nice learning more about you and your school:) Your school sounds like the opposite of my school- mine’s public and incredibly liberal. I also completely agree that we’re very lucky to have the schooling we have, and that it’s annoying when teachers spell things wrong, haha! xD

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