easter weekend recap

Heya there.  I guess this post it a bit late, but here you go.  For Easter, I traveled out to Wisconsin to see my cousins, aunt, uncle, and my grandma.  It was magnificently relaxing and sweet.

so Thursday,

we flew out to the Midwest in the evening and I caught the sunset in my phone camera lens.  Around 11, we arrived at the cousins’ house and awkwardly said a tired hello then slept.



we all woke up and ate breakfast together – pancakes and conversations.  Then we continued on to one of the towns in the area, where we bought pastries in the cute shop below and walked around.


Later, after a Good Friday service a bit after noon, we made our way to Madison, the capital.  We sat, crowded at a small table, among dozens upon dozens of college students and several families, right by the lake.  20170414_151904


on Saturday,

my cousins and I again woke up to a blissful morning and breakfast, reading in comfy chairs and playing games.  Soon, the whole group of us drove to Madison again to go to the farmer’s market.  When I say farmer’s market, I don’t mean your run-of-the-mill, street side stand with somewhat fresh yet limited produce.  This farmer’s market was epic

Warm cookies, loads and loads of cheese, homemade jewelry, plump fruit and vegetables, an abundance of plants, interesting art.  And more.  Plus, it was all set up around WI’s capital building.




Back at their house, we ate and played games and I went on a run eventually.  20170415_135010

Easter Sunday

brought dozens of good things.  Up relatively early to go to a church service, then lovely brunch, complete with peeps and hot chocolate.  Egg-decorating and volleyball in the yard and a long walk.


Monday –

it eventually came.  Goodbyes in the morning, then going out to get lunch and coffee.  Packing up, heading to the airport, boarding the plane and waiting…  Our flight was overbooked, so one or two people had to leave (i suspect), yet it wasn’t a big hassle.  IMG_20170417_191742-01

It was, put simply, a blast.  A blast of fun and food and fantastic times.  WI is pretty peaceful, in my opinion, and being with my family was refreshing.  I’m so glad I got to go, even though I was tired on Tuesday.

What did you do over Easter?

Adventure is out there.

— Faith xx


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