Nerves and New things.

Hey friends, it’s Faith. (Today I have a little discussion post for you).

This week has been a little bit stressful and nerve racking, but this weekend overall has been amazingly exciting and sweet.

See, what happens sometimes is you get so caught up in all the mundane, tiring, stupid things in your life and you forget that you can still make a change.  You can do exciting new things and you can get out of whatever it is that isn’t right for you.

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As you might know, I am an athlete, as I mentioned in this post.  I’m in the process of switching teams and I am truly psyched.  I realized that the team I was at was not a good place for me anymore and I tried out for a killer new team in a fantastic town not far from where I live.  And soon I’m moving teams!  I’m so pumped!

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But the reason I’m informing you about this is because I know my poem a few weeks ago might have implied negativity concerning change, but I think that one can seriously try new things and have a great time.

I’m Adventuring Girl, aren’t I?  I’m all for adventures.  And I don’t know why past me didn’t realize that there is always something you can do to better your situation.  There’s always an adventure you can make, no matter where you’re at.  You just have to think outside of the box, unlike everyone else.  And you should have good people in your life who care about you and can help you out (thanks Mom 🙂 ).

Now, I’m starting a new chapter.  My life is taking a turn I honestly did not expect it to take.  Life is happening.  Everyday adventures are beginning to come about.

New things are so exhilarating.  Genuine excitement is a wonderful feeling.  I didn’t know how deprived I was of that feeling until I started doing things differently – I felt it a bit when I started a blog, I feel it when I’m traveling, I’ve felt it these past couple days as I’m doing new things and making amends.

So go out there and DO things.  If you don’t like or agree with something, SAY so.  If you want to make a change, CHANGE.

You’ll be nervous.  I was nervous.  Also, it might hurt.  I’ll remember the burning pain of an intense workout and the sassy Fifth Harmony songs playing in my head for a while.

Yet once you take control of your problems, then you can start to take control of your happiness.

That was meant to be inspirational.  I don’t know if it worked.  Let me know what you think in the comments.

Adventure is out there – seriously.

— Adventuring Girl xx



6 thoughts on “Nerves and New things.

  1. Congratulations! I’m really happy for you:) yes, I found your post to be really inspirational- I like how you took your own experiences and made it into something that we all can learn from. Thank you for that! 😊 XO c ❤

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  2. Girllll…you got some serious inspo you’re sharing here! LOVE this post!! I hope your new sports team will be just as amazing as your motivational writing & inspiring spirit is! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. YESSS I love this!! 🙂 It’s actually so inspiring to me because too often I say I’ll do things but I end not changed or not doing anything about it. Thank you!

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