Carve the Mark – book review

Greetings, readers (that sounds weird.) I finished Veronica Roth’s awesome new book, Carve the Mark, at least two weeks ago.  I thought that today I would write a little review of this book.

If you’ve read this book or have any thoughts about this post, comment down below!  I’d love to chat.

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Author – Veronica Roth

Publication – January 2017

Genre – YA science fiction / fantasy

Age Level – around 13 and up

Rating – 4.5/5

Some readers have expressed dissatisfaction with this book and some people think the plot is racist (probably because the evil, oppressive ruler is dark-skinned, among other things).  While some of these concerns are valid, I genuinely enjoyed the book and the characters.

If you didn’t know, Veronica Roth wrote Divergent, which I did like.  But the character development in general was not as strong as it is in Carve the Mark.  Crya is a fierce, powerful boss, but that’s not all.  And Akos seems blank and plain at first, but he really is a wonderful, caring and strong character.

This is a fantasy/science fiction story in which there are “currentgifts” magical powers – blessings or curses – with children since birth but revealed later.  Some kids are also “fated” which means that oracles see their future and they have a certain purpose, which is not always known to them.

I think it’s an important story about pain and fate and honor and power and how it should be used:

“Pain had a way of breaking time down.  I thought about the next minute, the next hour.  There wasn’t enough space in my mind to put all those pieces together, to find words to summarize the whole of it.  But the ‘keep going’ part, I knew the words for. 

‘Find another reason to go on,’ I said…

I knew mine: There was a hunger inside me, and there always had been.  That hunger was stronger than pain, stronger than horror.  It gnawed even after everything else inside me had given up.  It was not hope; it did not soar; it slithered, clawed, and dragged, and it would not let me stop. 

And when I finally named it, I found it was something very simple: the desire to live.”

– p. 151

Basically, you should read this book if:

  1. You like science fiction or fantasy.
  2. You like strong female protagonists.
  3. You don’t mind a little violence in a story.
  4. You want an interesting, fun read that also explores important topics.

That’s all for now.

I haven’t been reading as much this year because of school and other stuff, but if you want to see more book posts, comment down below, and I’ll up my reading game for you.

— Adventuring Girl xx


9 thoughts on “Carve the Mark – book review

  1. Omg! I thought you deleted your blog. I was wondering why I couldn’t see any of your posts on my reader but then I realized you changed your irl and I had to follow you again because of the change. THANK GOD! I GOT SO WORRIED. Cant wait to be reading more blog posts 😉

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  2. I can’t help myself sometimes in the comments! 🙂 What can I say, I just like to talk..Anyways i really want to read Carve the Mark but as you said a lot of people were calling it racist. It got me a little hesitant to read this book but do you think I should give it a try? I just don’t want to offend anyone by reading it.


    • yeah, i think you should! I had no idea that it could be racist until i did a little research – and i guess it could be viewed that way, but i don’t think it was at all intentional. Idk about the whole racist thing. but you should give it a shot, and if it’s offensive or you don’t like it, then you can dislike it, and that’s okay.

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  3. this book sounds pretty cool and ill definitely read it sometime. It sounds pretty similar to two books that I really like and I think you would like to. They’re called the ‘trylle trilogy’ and ‘Ruined’ if you havent already read them. They’re both fantasy/ romance, with a bit of violence and a strong female protagonist.

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