A Scholarly Southern Adventure

So, whether or not you’ve noticed, I’ve been gone.

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I haven’t posted for over a week and my stats have definitely dropped.  I’ve hardly kept up with reading your blogs.  On Saturday, I could have easily posted something, but I purposefully forgot.  And from Sunday to Wednesday I was travelling, without my laptop.

I will try to post more.   I have missed this, and I’m excited to get back to it.

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Anyways, I went with my family to visit colleges in the South these past few days.  The trip was primarily for my older sister, but it did remind me that I need to focus on my schoolwork more.   We also did a little touring and shared a good amount of fun.

Sunday we drove and drove and eventually came to UVA.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any blog-worthy photos of UVA for you.  After visiting the University of Virginia, my mother chose to take us to Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson (founding father, writer of the Declaration of Independence and third president of the United States).  Surprisingly, I had a great time.

Monday morning came and I had the chance to go shopping and grab a Starbucks (you have to try their cafe mocha, it’s wonderful) before heading to see Wake Forest University in North Carolina.

In the evening, my siblings and I, along with my parents, hopped in the car again and my dad drove us to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where we explored and ate dinner.

On Tuesday, our family spent the majority of the day touring the University of North Carolina.  The Arboretum (a plant/tree garden) at UNC was beautiful and the baked sunshine that day made me feel refreshed.

Wednesday we drove back up to Virginia and visited Virginia Tech in the chilly sunshine, which reminded me that it is not yet summer, but still spring.

After that we began our long drive home, discussing schools and colleges and grade point averages, which most certainly stressed me out.

Overall, I did enjoy the trip.  This hotel-hopping, fast-food-grabbing, college-wandering trip was beneficial to my whole family.  I know now how important school is and can be. And to be honest, I can not wait to be in college.  But I also want to treasure and make the most of my time as a high-schooler.

Anywayyy, I’ve got homework to do.  I hope you enjoyed that.  And remember, adventure is out there.

— Adventuring Girl xx



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