Q+A – blogging, friends, school

Hey friends!

Thanks for all the lovely questions and everything.  If you like one of the questions, you should write an answer to that q in the comments.

Who do you look up to most? from Paper Girl

That’s a difficult question, because it changes from time to time.  I think right now (concerning famous people) it would be Emma Watson, because of all her work to bring education to girls all over the world and raise awareness for feminism.  Concerning people in my actual life, it would probably be my grandmother for all the awesome changes she’s made in her life or my mom for all her hard work.

(Sorry, that was a long answer.)

What’s your favorite pet/animal? from Ann

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this on my blog, but I am not a big animal person. However, I’d have to say a cat, even though I’ve never had one.

Do you like your school?  What don’t you like at school? from Ann

Sort of.  I talked a bit about my school in this post, but other than that I haven’t talked much about my school here.  In general, teens don’t love school, and I don’t love mine either.  I don’t always fit in or agree with the general crowd of my small, conservative school.  But I have several good friends and I have a good environment in which to grow and learn.  And I’m really grateful that I have an education and a good one, too.

Do you have a best friend who tells you about her/his secrets and she/he listens to your problems etc.? If yes, what do you usually do together? also from Ann

I have one or two good friends who I talk to about some things, but I’d have to say my best friend is by far my wonderful, older sister. I’ve grown up with her and I’ve shared so many important experiences with her and I am so grateful for her

Country where you want to live? from Ann

I’d have to say America, because I do love most parts of my country.  But I don’t really want to settle down until a while after college.  If i can, i’d like to travel and experience different cultures and countries.

What inspired you to start blogging? from Jo

I’m not exactly sure, actually.  Reading other people’s blogs and enjoying them, wanting to get my own thoughts out there in an amazing way.

Favorite restaurant/diner? from Jo

Sometimes we go to Lewes, Delaware in the summer, and there’s a cozy bistro there called Kindle, which I love.  Also there’s a certain tavern that serves afternoon tea in a nearby city which I really like.

Are you enjoying blogging? from Thoughts in Life

Yes, I am.  Sometimes it’s a little weird, like I’m not sure if I fit in with this community.  Also, the only people that really know about my blog are my family members.  But it’s like I have created, with the help of you guys, a whole new side of me, a whole new place to turn, a whole new creative and social outlet.

Thank you guys for sticking with me in this first little chapter and helping my blog to grow.  Let’s hope it grows even more!

Who is your favorite blogger? from Thoughts in Life

This question is seriously hard.  I’d have to say the blogs I started with, which inspired me to start my own, such as

Hideaway Girl

Jo Smith – Inquisitive Writer

Faith – Thee Adventurette

But I love reading most of your blogs.  You guys are awesome.

Those are all the questions I was asked.  Thank you to everyone who asked me questions, and thank you for reading.

I also wanted to let you know that I’m taking a break from the tags and awards posts.  I really appreciate being tagged and nominated and those kinds of posts are, for sure, fun.  However, those posts actually take me a while to write because I have to answer all the questions, follow all the rules, and nominate other people, etc.  There are other things i’d like to talk about on my blog, and I feel like all the tags and awards kind of detract from that.

Maybe i’ll explain it to you in more depth in another post.  Just comment down below if you’d like to see that in a post.

Anyway, adventure is out there.

— Adventuring Girl xx


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