Q+A announcement

Hi friends.  Happy International Women’s Day!  Hope you’re having a good one.

Recently I reached 50 followers.  At that point, I was going to do a Q and A, but quite frankly, I got a bit lazy.  Also, I’m pretty sure I was busy…

Anyway, now I’ve reached 55 followers, so I thought I might finally do this.  I’ll answer practically any question you have for me – from my favorite ice cream to what I think about racism, I’m down for it.  However, I might not have a comment on certain questions, depending on what you ask me (for example, I’m not going to answer if you ask me full names of everyone in my family).

You can leave your questions below in the comments or in the “Contact” page.

Image result for question gif

Adventure is out there.

— Adventuring Girl xx


6 thoughts on “Q+A announcement

  1. Congratulations! ❤

    My questions:
    • What's your favourite pet/animal?
    • Do you like your school? What don't you like at school?
    • Do you have a best friend who tells you about her/his secrets and she/he listens to your problems etc.? If yes, what do you usually do together?
    • Country where you want to live.

    I'm looking forward to your next post 😉

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