Another – a poem

The truth is, it’s all the same thing over again.

New year and a “new you”

Pretending like I’m following through

The holidays were a piece of cake

And I had my well-needed break

So they made me jump right in and run the miles

And I forget how much I used to smile

We might be new people but our lives aren’t different

Because History never learned what the word CHANGE truly meant

It’s like a playlist on repeat, many songs played many times

Another song you’ve already heard another sometime

Another instance you’ve already lived another day

Another week, another month, another year folding out a similar way

A pattern, an overarching rhythm to our existence

It’s all been done before, in a certain sense

The truth is, it’s all the same thing over again.

Hey friends.  I wrote this poem around the beginning of February, while reflecting on the new year and change.

I don’t necessarily completely agree with what I wrote – I mean yeah we’re all idiots and the same sort of crap happens over and over again in human history.  But I think change is a very plausible and positive thing, and so is redemption and all that.  However, looking at the shape of our culture and our leadership lately, all I can think about is all the previous slip-ups and examples of bigotry in history.  And, in my actual life, each mundane week is very similar to the last.

But change.  CHANGE.  it’s what makes me feel alive, sometimes.  Change can be such a wonderful, splendid thing.

Change is an interesting topic to me.  Whenever spring rolls around, I feel a wild urge to change something about my life.  Last year, I chopped off all my hair into a short bob over spring break.  This year, I’m not sure what I’ll do – though I am thinking of going short again.

I’m going to try to publish more of my actual writing on this blog – that is, poems and eventually short stories.  If there’s any type of post you’d like to see, please let me know down in the comments.  I’m open to suggestions.

Let me know what you think of the poem.  Is it really all the same thing over again?

— Adventuring Girl (aka Faith) xx


9 thoughts on “Another – a poem

  1. You wrote a nice poem ☺
    You can post more poems or stories there, I’ll read them.

    I’m not English, I come from Poland. Now the weather here s sunny 🌞 and it’s very warm. I love when it is warm!!

    Btw, I will be very, very jolly if you visit my own blog and post a comment or (if you have a Google account) follow it 😉 I’m going to show it my English teacher cause I want to have a six (in Poland we can get marks 1-6; six is the best mark in Polish school, one is the worst and if you have one you don’t pass to the next class) for a semester final grade. My teacher told me that I must do a lot of “English things”, so I take a part in competitions, have sixes and fives from tests and quizzes, I’m active during lessons, I read books in English, I do extra homework … etc. and I have that blog. It will be good when my teacher sees that my blog is quite popular and I don’t write it for myself but for the other teens. I will be very grateful if you sometimes visit it ☺

    Love from Poland!! 😘

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    • Thanks! I love warm weather too 🙂 I think it’s so cool that you come from Poland and you’re learning English. I’d love to go to Poland some day. And I will check out your blog. ❤


  2. This poem has summed up some of my feelings. We do the same thing all the time, are we even living? My sister (who is 7) wrote about her life. At the very end she said “and we do it again and again” I felt upset after reading it because even my 7 year old sister is realising it.
    Really loved your poem, you’re really good at poetry Xx


    • Aw thank you. I know that life can be the same thing over and over and it can get kind of terrible, but there really is hope, even if I didn’t mention it in my poem. As cheesy as it sounds, we’re the rising generation as we can change the world and all that. I hope your sister realizes that someday. Anyway, thanks ❤ xx

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