Winter Photography

Hey guys and girls.  I can hardly believe winter is nearly over.  But it basically is, where I live.

I’ve been gone for a week or so, and i’m sorry.  I’ve been sick and a bit busy and honestly kinda lazy.  But I’m back!  So, enjoy.




I love the wonder of this picture.

This is only one of my favorite photographs from London.   I have plenty more winter photo favorites (which you’ll find by clicking the link)




The gloom is so picturesque in this photo – the blank, gray sky, the shivering, bare trees, the dying, yellow plants and grass.

20170109_071613I remember, I took this picture in the car a day or so after setting up my blog and I thought about featuring it on here, visualizing the super awesome post I would write about this one picture.  It didn’t really happen exactly as I thought it would…




I took the above photo a bit before I changed my theme, so I could always remember my original layout the way I felt about it.  Though I like my new theme much better.

screenshot_20170209-151111This happened a while ago, and this point I’m nearly to 200, but it still made my day when it did happen.



That’s all.  Which one was your favorite?

(also, let me know if you can or can’t see the photos because I’ve been having a bit of trouble with that.)

—  Adventuring Girl xx


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