Immigration – my thoughts

Hi gals and guys. I’ve written some fun, light-hearted posts lately, but this one will be a bit more serious.

I live in a mostly conservative household in the United States. As much as I know I need to respect our new President, it’s always been a bit of a struggle for me. However, I do indeed respect him and his office as POTUS, but I don’t agree with most some of the decisions he’s made recently. And we have freedom of press and freedom of speech, and I’ve got a right to my own mind and my own mouth, so I’m going to write this.

I don’t always know what I think about politics. They’re quite tricky. Plus, I’m not super close to voting age yet (though I will be able to vote next election). I’m only a high schooler.  But I do know that, among other things, the following are things I certainly think:

  1. No human being, who is made in the image of God (as we all are), should be illegal. Unless they are a confirmed threat, I believe we should have mostly open borders.
  2. Refugees are people seeking refuge from terror and seeking a better life.  I should know – I’ve spoken to them before, in a different country, where refugees used to be welcome as well.
  3. Most of us came from immigrants.  And Ellis Island didn’t judge based on religion or nationality when our ancestors passed through.
  4. America is, historically, a country “by the people, of the people, for the people.”  Since when did we discriminate based on what type of people?
  5. Also, America’s founders were fleeing religious intoleration in England and they built a country on freedom of religion and freedom of speech and the notion that all men (humans) are created equal.  A fair country.

I want my country to be fair again, to be great again.  We were great, in days gone by.  In some senses, I think it is the people who make our country fair and great.  Some folks have been doing wonderfully, standing up for what’s right.  Others haven’t.

This is not directly pointed at any political figure or the current President.  This is about my general thoughts about migration and banning certain people for a certain amount of time.  If that pertains to Trump’s executive orders as of late, then so be it.  I just want to let you know, again, that this is about my overall thoughts on immigration.

What do you think?  How can our country be fair and truly good again? Let me know down below.

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– The Adventuring Girl xx


9 thoughts on “Immigration – my thoughts

  1. Its great you spoke up on how you view immigration…most of the time when talking with friends or family about this topic, I shut up about what I really think, since I don’t want to cause too much controversy ( my family tells me I do that too much already lol). But here’s my thoughts & opinion on this: I think anyone who is seeking a better and/or safer life in America (or anywhere for that matter) and who is not criminal or has a record of violence (basically anyone who isn’t a confirmed threat as you said) should be welcomed and cared for here. I don’t think anyone, even “illegals” should be deported, unless, again, they are a direct threat to U.S. citizens. I understand that we as Americans do need certain measures to protect our country & borders, but I think those who try to flee from bad circumstances or need our help should never be thrown out, even if they did come here illegally.
    Btw sorry for the long comment…I just wanted to voice my opinion haha.

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