Lovely in London – Mind the Gap

Hey everybody!  Thanks for all the love I got from my last post.  I’m starting to feel quite welcome in the blogging community, even if I just started two weeks ago.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but everyone here is just so charming and kind.  Even I’m nice in this blogging community.  And let’s face it – I’m not nearly this nice offline (though I really am trying to be) (comment down below if you feel the same).

On a different note… As you could probably tell, I live in America.  And you know what that means?  Things are happening.  That, and obviously London, are what inspired this poem.

“Mind the Gap between the train and the platform”

Mind the gap between the cold out here and in there, the warm

Mind the gap between presidents

Mind the gap between him and common sense

Mind the gap between the black and the white

Mind the gap between our views of right

Mind the gap between little boys and the little girls

Mind the gap between our country and the rest of the world

You could close that gap

You could change the map

You could pick up that scrap

You could dump that chap

You could fight against that crap…

But you just keep walking.

I hope you liked it, even if it was a bit short.  And I’m sorry if I hurt anyone’s opinions, but I simply wrote a poem.  I’m not even quite sure what my own opinions are somedays.

I’d love it talk about it with you in the comments or through email (just click on the “contact me” page).  I’d love to talk about anything, really.  Politics, poetry, feminism, racism, your thoughts on the state of our world, what you think we can do to change it.

— The Adventuring girl xx


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