Lovely in London – Overview

Over Christmas my family and I had the chance to visit London.  It was so invigorating an exciting and refreshing and wonderful.  I’ll probably post some more details about it soon enough; this post is simply an overview.  Enjoy



The Tower of London and Tower Bridge, from the Thames River. Sorry the second picture is kind of blurry – but the bridge still looks marvelous to me.



The Italian Gardens at Kensington.  Isn’t the grass so wonderfully fresh?


The Rosetta Stone at the British Museum.  As someone who really likes languages, it was pretty cool seeing this (I’m learning German and Latin right now.  What languages do you guys like/ are learning? let me know below).


Churchill War Museum – interesting to see one of the main places where major planning and decision-making took place in WWII.  I don’t think I agree with every single little thing Churchill did (he made some questionable decisions concerning bombing), but it was  still a really cool museum.


I wasn’t quite allowed to take a picture, but i did.  Elizabeth I and Bloody Mary’s grave in Westminster.  Two half-sisters who basically hated each other, buried on top of each other. Hmm…






Windsor Castle.  I love how the sunlight glitters on that gate and the lawn is so dazzingly green.  Stunning, really.



Stonehenge — ancient beauty.  I thought the whole thing was mysterious and interesting.  You can’t quite see it in the picture, but the monument is on a hill, surrounded by green farmlands and teeny sheep.  The sun was setting around three or four o’clock that day, the day after the winter solstice.

Salisbury Cathedral, after the sun had set.  It was a long day, btw.



There wasn’t much from today; I think my camera was running really low on battery.  The first image is the sweet shopping center that is Covent Gardens, and the next is obviously Buckingham Palace.  It felt just like a Disney movie, with the pale sunset burning in the background and the picturesque palace lit up with lights to match.

(Saturday – Christmas Eve)


A lovely holiday tea at Brown’s and a walk to St. Paul’s.  Tea at Brown’s: imagine classic Christmas music playing on a piano and a warm tea with laughing siblings and cute Christmas decor.  And then a walk to the book store where I got Code Name Verity (I posted a review just a few days ago, check it out!)

(Sunday – Christmas ;) )



Happy Christmas, as everyone says in London!  The first image is of Trafalgar Square.  The next two are of our Christmas tea at the Langham Hotel, Palm Court.  This tea was different: imagine jazzed-up versions of pop and Christmas songs being played on the piano, twinkling lights everywhere and tall Christmas trees.  Everything was so majestic and modern at the same time.  (Disclaimer- the people in the backgrounds of any of these photos are not people I know, I just thought that seeing what real people think and respond to these beautiful things and places is art too.)



The early stages of a sunset I didn’t see reflecting off the atlantic ocean and the tips of Canada, and me, behind the camera, reflecting mostly on the trip, but also on how it affected me (which – stay tuned – I’ll post about next week).

Thanks for reading.  Did you guys go anywhere this Christmas?  And what was your favorite picture?  I’d love it if you let me know.

— Adventuring Girl


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    1. yeah I loved it! it’s so cool that people from all over the world are reading my teeny little blog (i literally had someone visiting my blog from Indonesia).

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