autumn mixtape

Hey lovely readers – this season I’ve been loving introspective tunes, particularly this misty, gray month of November.  In my mind, it’s not quite winter yet (even though I’ve been singing Christmas songs since Halloween).  So here’s just a few splendid songs I’ve had on repeat these past few weeks.Related image Continue reading


collages // feeling things

Theme Song: I Feel it All by Feist, here

I rushed into my room Sunday evening around 8:30 p.m. with a torn-out page of a magazine I found by my sister’s desk.  I had gotten this terrific idea to make a physical collage when I saw that picture and article.  So, I hurried around, grabbing copier paper and random materials, asking myself, what is it that I’m feeling right now and what have I been feeling recently?  That’s what I wanted the collage to be about. Continue reading


September was such a whirlwind.  I can’t believe it’s already October.

As I write this, I’m sitting in my bed on a Sunday evening, wearing a soft old tee-shirt of my dad’s, wrapped up in a blanket, listening to “Moonlight Mile” (originally by the Rolling Stones) and smiling at this month, whether or not I enjoyed it on the whole.  It’s not about enjoyment.  It’s about growth and work and much more. Continue reading

the atlantic ocean – photo diary

The week before school started, I had the opportunity to go to a little beach town in Delaware called Lewes and to stay in a house with my lovely family and grandmother.  My time there was, put simply, magnificent.

For what felt like the longest time, I didn’t really want to write about it, and I just couldn’t bring myself to.  Not because it was grueling or painful to think about, but I just wasn’t ready yet and I was pretty busy with other things.  Now, over two weeks later, I feel like I can finally truly reflect on it.  I’ve made a few little films for some of my recent experiences, and I started one for this trip, but it just doesn’t feel right.  So I’m putting this slightly long piece together, for both you and me.

Theme songs – Take Me (Aly and AJ), Get Free (Lana Del Rey)

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